We need your help to pick a name!

Our New Cowch:

What’s this crazy Cowch doing on our lawn? It’s time to mooooo’ve over Camille, take a seat, and see what all the hubbub is about.

For Toni’s birthday a very generous donor decided the Creamery needed a new place to kick back in style. They have donated the incredible “Cowch” in her honor. Happy Birthday Toni!

And congrats to us all, as we saddle up and take awesome selfies with Camille’s new friend. She has already been a huge hit with everyone, all ages enjoy her calming presence, from kids to grandparents, it’s impossible not to stop and take a gander at her grandeur!

We just can’t get enough of her. Come on by and you’ll see exactly why we’re so excited, she’s one cool cow.

We’re looking to find a name as cool as she is!

Wanna help us out? Submit your best name suggestions via this form:


Photos: Collin Noel, from Worthington, welcomes our newest member at the Co-op: