Lloyd Miller
General Manager

After forty years living away from his childhood home of New England, Lloyd has recently returned to apply his hard-earned skills to the operations of The Old Creamery Cooperative of Cummington, Massachusetts. With twenty years experience managing small businesses in the challenging commercial landscape of New Orleans, Lloyd’s approach to operational management might best be described as holistic. From historic music venues like Preservation Hall, to iconic family-run taverns like Molly’s At The Market, to the interactive musical cabaret gameshow of The New Orleans Bingo! Show, Miller’s track record of successfully helping organically grown enterprises achieve success through good sense and better organization led to the execution of his own successful business from 2014 through 2020. Today, Lloyd resides with his family on the side of a steep hill in North Adams where his wife, two daughters, and assorted pets are greatly enjoying life above sea level.

Contact: oldcreamerygm@gmail.com

Antoinette Reed – Customer Service Manager

Antoinette Reed
Customer Service Manager

Antoinette “Toni” Reed has worked in numerous capacities at the Old Creamery over the past 15 years, with managerial experience in Prepared Foods and Center Store Operations. She has been a committed Creamery team member through many leadership transitions and is known throughout the Hilltowns for always going above and beyond to help fellow co-workers and community members.

Toni has worked as an solar consultant and is an avid crafter of jewelry and other fine nature-inspired creations. She is excited to have the opportunity to serve as Customer Service Manager and take on the day-to-day responsibilities of store operations. Please get in touch with your questions and ideas!

Contact: oldcreamerystoremanager@gmail.com

Laura Anne Segatti
Center Store Lead

Contact: oldcreamerycenterstore@gmail.com

Noel Shears-Pennell
Prepared Foods Lead

Noel has worked at the Creamery for 23 years and has seen it all. She stays for the love of the community and the dear friends and family she works with. She calls it the island of misfit toys. When not in the kitchen whipping out yummy, beautiful food, she is probably hanging out with her awesome kid. She also enjoys gardening, crocheting, and long hikes through the wood

Sophia Reagan
Produce Lead

Sophia has been working at the Creamery for over four years. She’s lived in the Hilltowns all her life and has been coming to the Creamery for as long as she can remember. When she’s not working, she’s probably reading or taking care of her animals.

Contact: oldcreameryproduce@gmail.com

Peri Kelly
Bakery Lead

I started baking at the Creamery when Robert and Ron Berenson owned the store, 23 years ago (Noel had already been here for 4 months!). The Creamery is like a family, and the baking crew is awesome! We love making our customers happy with sweets and treats. Sometimes we even get to be part of their special day, in a small way. (With a cake!)

Payroll & Personnel Admin

Contact: oldcreameryfinance@gmail.com

Janet Pixley
Deli Lead

I have been working for the Creamery for two years. I started out as a dishwasher then moved to working in the deli. Now I’m a Shift Leader and continue working in the deli. I am a resident of Cummington, Ma.

Jesse Massaro
Marketing & Membership Coordinator

Jesse Massaro is a resident of Worthington, he has spent his whole life living in and around the hilltowns. He has worked at the creamery on and off since 2007. He has worked in many positions but most recently he was promoted to Marketing and Membership Services in 2020.

Contact: oldcreamerymarketing@gmail.com