Store Re-set: New Beginnings!

Recently, you may have noticed that your favorite product has moved to a new location in the store. We are in the process of resetting various sections in the store to make more sense from both a shopper and an employee perspective, grouping like items and categories together, and shrinking and expanding certain categories. For example, the maple syrup and honey are now located with the rest of the sweeteners, flours, and other baking items; the coffee filters are now with the coffee; and the oils, vinegars, and dressings are with the condiments. There will be one more big reset coming at the end of the month that will have most of the bulk department move back between the two produce cases, and wine move into the aisles once again, freeing up space for dry produce to be located where the wine currently is in the front of the store. Please stay tuned for the final changes in the store, and, as always, we appreciate your patience as we work hard to better meet your needs. If you are having trouble finding something, please don’t hesitate to ask one of our friendly staff members for assistance!