Revisiting Our “Ends”

Sunday, March 1, 2020
Cummington Community House

It’s been eight years since we opened our doors as a cooperative store with a mission to “encourage a vibrant healthy community and a sustainable local economy.” The Board needs your feedback to revisit our guiding document: the “Ends” of the Creamery.

What are “Ends”?

Ends state values and perspectives that have explicit meaning: what will be in the world because the organization exists, who is affected and what it is worth to have that difference made? Ends state what the organization’s purpose and intent is, outside of what it does.

Ends guide every plan, project, activity, goal and action of the cooperative.

Ends are a specific set of policies termed as such to clarify management’s outcomes, goals and results.

Join Us!

Our guiding questions to revisit our ends:

Why a co-op in our community? What values guide our co-op? What should the Creamery work towards? What does the next phase of our co-op look like?

Patti Waters will facilitate a series of exercises to help us think about these questions and provide valuable input to the Board of Directors to set new policies in place that accomplish our goals and outcomes going forward. This is an important opportunity to reset our path and ensure that the Creamery is operating in a way that best meets our intentions and aspirations for a co-operative store in our community.

Creamery-made snacks and free childcare will be available (please let us know if you need childcare! Email Sadie). Hope to see you there!