Old Creamery Co-op’s Staff Craft Fair

We like to dedicate our December highlight to our incredible staff’s craft fair.

Our eclectic staff of local yokels have more than a few talents hidden up their sleeves.

Each year looks a little different, but it’s always a pleasant surprise to find out what incredible things everyone has worked so hard on.

And that’s one of the best parts of being a Co-op, we have the chance to build up and support our community!

For us that looks like buying local and working hand in hand with other co-ops, but it always comes back to the people who show up and do the hard work to make this all possible. And who better to support than the folks showing up every day, people who live here, shop here, and many who have worked here for years (You might even know a few of them!).

This year we’re able to offer the Cafe space for use, the tables are carefully laid out with all sorts of holiday goodness!

From crocheted plush toys, to hand carved hardwood spoons, there’s house plants, there’s gems and crystals, there are prints pulled from old analog presses, and tons of other cool things to check out.

It’s like a trove of hidden treasures, just waiting for the perfect home.
Come see if one reminds you of a beloved friend, or even if something special just finds its way home with you.

Open everyday, though to the New Year!!!

If the store is open the craft fair is open.

8am – 7pm

Seven Days a Week