Membership Perk Unlocked: Short Term IOU

Greetings, Faithful Members & Friends of The Old Creamery Co-op!

As you may be aware, since our changeover to our new Point of Sale operating system, we have been temporarily unable to extend the courtesy of short term I.O.U.s to our membership. 

If you’re not aware of this interruption in service, it may be because you were not aware that we had a short-term I.O.U. system available to our membership in the first place.

I write today with good news on both fronts. In attempting to squeeze some positivity lemonade from the lemons of our temporary program interruption, it has come to our attention that this member benefit has not been tremendously well publicized, defined, or equitably offered to the whole of our membership at large. 

By way of rectifying both of these situations at once, we are officially announcing the return and/or existence of this program to you, here and now! And in doing so, we felt it would reflect best practices to establish some official protocols to enhance our mutual understanding of this valuable benefit.

Beginning on Monday, August 7, members who would like to take part in this program may sign up for it at the register with our dedicated customer service staff. For those of you who have participated in the past, we apologize for the formality of this protocol. But please understand that this is the trigger that will allow us to go into the system and turn on this perk for those who would like to sign up for it, rather than issuing the benefit blanket-style to all of our customers and members. 

Included on the sign-up form, will be the acknowledgement that you agree to these select few terms by which we’ll formally operate the program.

  1. The amount of short-term credit available to members who sign up for it will be $25.
  2. The I.O.U. is intended for short-term usage, and should be paid off by the end of each calendar month.
  3. If an I.O.U. remains on the books longer than the intended period of time, you may receive a phone call from the store inquiring as to whether you would like some more time to close it out. 
  4. In the unlikely circumstance that a member should choose to terminate their membership while an I.O.U. is still on the books, the store will retain the amount due from our member’s equity before the remainder of said equity is refunded.

And that’s it! The forms will be available at the register on Monday. And if we could beg your patience one final time, we do ask that you give us one business day from the signing of the documentation to get everything set up in our system for you. (Unfortunately, our cashiers are not capable of executing this initial step from the register station – we have to take care of this bit upstairs.)

As always, we thank you for your support and for all that you do for your co-op!

With gratitude,

J. Lloyd Miller

General Manager

The Old Creamery Co-op