The Old Creamery Co-op’s Annual Meeting:

Location & Time: 
Sunday, April 28th, 2024

The Cummington Community House

33 Main St, Cummington, Massachusetts 01026

3:30 pm – Meet and talk with the Board

4:00 pm – Call to Order

At the Annual Meeting, we will be conducting an up or down vote on the proposed slate of current directors and candidates, which includes:

  • Ilse Godfrey, term through 2027
  • Ric Nudell, term through 2027
  • Steve Schiff, term through 2027

Information about each of these Board Members can be found on the Leadership page of this website.

Additionally, reports on the overall state of the Co-op will be provided, and a question and answer period will be hosted with our General Manager and Board of Directors.

We offer multiple options for casting your vote, ensuring that every member’s voice is heard:

  1. Attend the April 28th Annual Meeting in person and vote on-site.
  2. Utilize the Electronic Proxy Vote option (link provided below).
  3. In our store you can obtain a Paper Proxy Ballot up until the day of the meeting and deposit it in the ballot box there.
  4. Request a Mail-in Ballot (only available upon request).

Here is a link you can use to complete your proxy vote electronically.

For any queries, requests, or concerns, please feel free to reach out to the Board via email at