The Old Creamery Coop’s Annual Meeting Occurred on:

Location & Time: 
Sunday, June 4th, 2023

The Cummington Community House

33 Main St, Cummington, Massachusetts 01026

3:30 pm – Meet and talk with the Board

4:00 pm – Call to Order

At the Old Creamery Co-op’s Annual Meeting, we held a successful up or down vote on the following slate of directors, which was approved by the membership. We heard reports on the overall health of the Coop, as well as a fantastic question and answer session, with questions from attending membership.

The Approved Slate:

  • Seva Water through 2026
  • Marty Schotz through 2026
  • Dawn Elizabeth through 2026 (New Candidate: Read Bio below)

If you have any questions, requests or concerns, please email the Board at:

New Candidate:

Dawn Elizabeth

I fell in love with the Hilltowns over 22 years ago while visiting friends in Worthington and moved to the area less than a year later. My husband, Thatch, and I currently live in West Cummington with our 2 puppers. We enjoy camping, going to festivals and, most importantly, going to tag sales. 

In 2014, I was elected Chairwoman for the Conservation Commission in Worthington and I presently volunteer locally as a Death Midwife, along with several others who are located within the Hilltowns.

I have worked in many places in the area, most recently as the Resident Service Coordinator for The Maples and in the past as clinical director for the Hilltown Community Health Center. Currently, I am the Clinical Director at the Hospice of the Fisher Home in Amherst.

I feel that in our constantly changing and fast-paced world, it is easy to get caught up in its complexities and complications without even having to leave our homes. We forget that we have a very vibrant and present community all around us that has so much to offer. I appreciate the value that the Creamery has to offer to the community, and I recognize it’s potential to add even more to it. I feel it is important to support The Creamery to help it thrive and grow and continue to be a pillar for the community for years to come. I would love to be part of helping to make that happen!