Hello, Fellow Member-Owners!  We had a virtual annual meeting this year.  Here are the details:

Our Annual Meeting occurred on SUNDAY April, 24, 2022, from 3:30 to 5:00pm

There were three open seats in this year’s Old Creamery Co-op Board election. At our Annual Meeting of Member-Owners, we voted in the slate below of current directors and one new candidate.

2022 Slate of Candidates for Creamery Board of Directors:

New term: Katy Eiseman, through 2025

New term: Sadie Stull, through 2025

New candidate: Amy Tessier, through 2025 (read her bio below)

In Cooperation,

Katy Eiseman, Board President

On behalf of the Board of Directors.

New Candidates:

Amy Tessier

  I was born and raised in Cummington on my family’s maple syrup farm. Through the many years of my childhood I would receive my education at the Central Berkshire Regional School District and graduate from Wahconah. Later I went on to get my bachelors degree in art history at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, with a focus on American and German modern art, as well as American architecture and furniture.

When I returned back home after college (summer of 2013), an opportunity to work at the Old Creamery Co-op turned into many great years baking alongside Peri and the many bakers that came and went through the years. During that time, I started working with Alice Cozzolino, baking for her Community-supported food business, and I went on to work for Bread Euphoria, but ultimately I couldn’t stay away from the Creamery. I’ve been back at the Old Creamery Co-op for over a year now and am a part of a great team that feels like family. I now live a few towns over in Savoy, but I feel deeply connected to Cummington and the Old Creamery Co-op.