Our Hilltown Community Food Co-op prepares wholesome foods and sells everyday goods and products to our community.  Together we support local farmers and strengthen our local Hilltown economy.

What’s Moo at the Creamery?

Local Highlight: Wing and a Prayer Nursery

Nestled between rolling hills, just inside the Cummington line, is a brimming oasis. The lifegiving respite found within its confines isn’t water or anything you might expect to see, indeed it might be hard to recognize as an oasis at all! Unless of course, you ...
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Local Highlight: Happy & Healthy Hikes Around the Hilltowns

The sun is peeking out from behind the clouds, the wind is getting warmer, birds are chirping their springtime songs! If you don’t feel the overwhelming urge to get up and walk outside, or even if you do, we’re here to give you a peek ...
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Store Policy Update

Oh, Look! It’s a… STORE POLICY UPDATE Howdy, folks! Thanks very much for taking a minute to check out this important update. Before we get into the what, I thought I’d take a minute to discuss the why. As one might expect, no policy change ...
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